Who we are today is because of the good foundation laid.


Mr. Mohamed Senior established our first business in 1955; he walked the streets of Tanga merchandising small goods. From this humble beginning, we shifted into selling clothes and moved to Songea, where we expanded into cashew nuts farming, which we still own and run today.


In 1996, Mohamed Senior retired and the next generation of the Mohamed brothers took over the daily running of the business and decided to relocate to Dar es Salaam, where we became the largest distributors of PVC carpets within Tanzania and our neighboring countries. Our products portfolio grew and added a wide range of home goods, into our channels and the business became the Home Shopping Centre (HSC) supported by our in house logistics and clearing companies to ensure efficiency and speedy delivery of goods.



Steering GSM GROUP to new lands, while serving human needs Mr. Ghalib Said Mohamed was born into a successful family business empire that was started by their father some 50 years ago. Ghalib got exposed to business from a very tender age. His father managed a thriving cashew farming and general trading business. Ghalib and his brothers took over from their father and expanded the empire even further by crossing the borders of Tanzania and finally each deciding to pursue their respective lines of business. Currently, Ghalib’s business interests span several continents with operations in China, Dubai, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Congo, Burundi and South Africa.

Ghalib has created a diverse conglomerate that deals with general trading, transportation, logistics, media, manufacturing, real estate, retailing, and financial services. His Group of Companies represents some of the internationally-famed brands from China, Dubai, and Spain thereby giving a unique chance to ordinary Tanzanians and citizens in other countries where GSM GROUP operates, to access affordable quality products. GSM GROUP currently employs over 2000 direct employees and in the process has created a multitude of other indirect jobs.


In 2014, Ghalib took a step further by transforming his group into a corporate structure by employing a team of dynamic and experienced Tanzanian professionals to assist him in running the business on a day to day basis at HQ whilst he focuses more on strategy and expansion. GSM GROUP is poised to becoming a formidable regional player by taking advantage of various economic opportunities unfolding in Tanzania and in the neighboring countries.